A little spring action

In the works for that last week in June: 24th – 28th (Mon. – Fri.) at Sertoma Arts Center in Raleigh, NC.

Sometimes a little imagery says more than words. I also have fun playing with my photos on Instagram – like so many.

I’m also aware that I’m probably a little remiss or late in posting this information (also on my workshops page), but it’s also been said that (through feedback) folks rarely learn about my classes on social media – it’s mostly by browsing the art center’s catalogue. So, I’ve ‘relaxed’ my perspective on that situation and let things be. I am looking forward to the potential for this 5 day class though – potential for more engaging exploration and play.

Last month, working with participants working in shibori and adding surface design was most enjoyable. I felt like we could have had another day or two more of that activity.

Yesterday’s experience at the Spring Crafts Festival in Warrenton was also delightful with Celtic music, pony cart rides for the children and good conversations with patrons. Even though temps warmed to a generous 93 degrees, I was grateful for having had the experience. It was refreshing to leave the city and experience the country landscape as well.

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