trying again

11291 The mindset is holiday…break…changing the focus for the weekend at least.  I am very much enjoying the slowdown, change in direction and having family around for a bit.  Although, it may not look like it from the images.  It may look more like routine.

But, my son brought curtains I’d dyed previously for his apartment and for some reason, some of the color and pattern washed out.  I am puzzled about that, but there are so many variables, that it’s hard to say exactly why that happened.  In any case, it was back to the vat.

Fortunately, in spite of the temperatures, the sun was out to make it feel much warmer than the mid-40s (F), not exactly indigo weather. I wonder how much those temps really play a part? It’s one of those things I think about and yet, if I can get away with it, I’ll dye with it almost year round.

Since I didn’t have specific plans, I was happy to “play” a bit with pattern.  I really had something else in mind, but before I knew it, one of the folded pieces was in the vat without my paying any real attention to the approach.  I’m happy with the results and hope in washing there won’t be any color loss.

Many thanks to my son for giving me this chance to play over the holiday.


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