that space

The flurry of early autumn’s events is past, and I’m relishing the last flickerings of the season. The color has peaked, the leaves have fallen (mostly) and that means work in the yard. Yard work means not just physical activity, but taking in the color and breathing. It also provides a quiet time and space where thoughts and ideas take shape. I need that.

the Maple

the Maple

It doesn’t mean the activity has slowed necessarily, not by a long shot. It comes in different forms,.  I am blessed and so thankful for my Threads group (my critique group) who offer support, expert advice, wisdom and always a new challenge or idea to “play “with. Early in the week, Kathy offered her print studio where we pulled a few prints. To say it was fun (good company, learning & the food!) might be simplifying things, but it was.



The rest of the week has been about wrapping up some custom dye orders, which always have their challenges, no matter what. It keeps the “making” or coloring of things fresh – something new or even old to ponder. I enjoy returning to those old questions, so thank you, also, all dear customers and patrons!

on the line

on the line

Those who never get mentioned are my family – the unsung – who deal with my habits, my messy studio and simply me. They are a huge support and to say thank you is really not enough.



Winter is coming (yes it is!). It’s short and mild though, in these parts, but I still view it as a time for “hunkering down” and focusing on quiet indoor work (reading, research, focused making, preparing….) That’s the theory, the idea anyway. It’s what I think I’m preparing for – my mindset. We’ll see.


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2 Responses to “that space”

  1. shiborigirl Says:

    ah yes. those who live with us and put up with our passions and eccentricities….

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