Vocab. Notebook・単語帳


Ai/あい・藍 – indigo

Aizome/あいぞめ・あい染・藍染め・Indigo dyeing (ai + some/zome – someru)


Da sou desu/だそうです・so they say/it is said….


E/絵・え – picture/painting/sketch


Ito/いと・糸 – thread, yarn, string

「糸のような雨。」Ito no you na ame. /Thread like rain/thin rain

すべての 文化には 何本かの 共通するが 通っている。 Subeto no bunka ni wa nanimoto ka no kyoutsuu suru ito ga kayotteiru.

Some common threads run through all cultures.


Kagoshima/かごしま・鹿児島 – located at the southern most tip of Japan’s southern most island, Kyushu.  My hometown.  In the bay there is a very active volcano – Sakurajima.  It erupted for the 501st time (8/18/13) with the strongest results in 10 years apparently.

Kaki/かき・柿 – persimmon

Kakishibu/かきしぶ・柿渋・fermented green persimmon tannin

Kakishibuzome/かきしぶぞめ・柿渋染め・dyeing or staining with Kakishibu.

Kaku/かく・書く – to write/書きます。Kakimasu. (I write, he writes, she writes….)

Kaku/かく・描 – draw or paint


Nuno/ぬの・布 – cloth, fabric


Sakura/さくら・桜 – Cherry blossoms

Someru/そめる・染める – (v.) to dye, soak or steep.

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