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July 23, 2015

It’s (蒸し暑い・むしあつい)mushiatsui – steamy hot or lets say, muggy. It’s been like that the last few days. Today, though is a thunderstorm type day. It’s keeping me away from the vats and clothesline. I’m also adjusting to not teaching and trying to refocus on past projects. It takes a while.

catching a breeze

catching a breeze

In the meantime, I’m “feeding” the vat with activity, just to keep the spirits happy.

 old embroidered silk scarf

old embroidered silk scarf

Anything will do, as long as there’s cloth in the dye.

playing with pattern

playing with a summer pattern

I’m also keeping an eye on my small indigo plots – not the lush garden I’d dreamed of. The first harvest will be small.


maybe more sunshine with the second growing

It may be too much shade, or the heat (dubious)…I’m puzzled. At least there are some results, not displeasing, but definitely wanting. Next year, a different spot.


She passed through yesterday late afternoon, and again after a downpour this morning.

Other plants, despite nurturing are still struggling and failing due to mildew and similar things. Yet, others are thriving and attracting bees and hummingbirds. I’m holding hope for butterflies, but they have been skimpy in my garden.

PS.  Having said that, later in the early evening, a yellow and black swallowtail sailed by on its way to a neighbor’s garden just across the street.

Safflower sprouts

May 3, 2013

Safflower sprouts
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The rain has been generous this week and I think there’s more around the corner. Although, at the moment the sun is out (first time I’ve seen it all week).

The first (Safflower) of the sprouts I planted last week emerged and I hope the rest will be along soon. They’re look hearty and plentiful. I may want to transplant some of them later (or start another bunch somewhere else). At any rate, I’m happy to see them.

It has taken far too long to get to this point – just growing them. The flower, the dye and colors they produce have long had an appeal. I’ve seen shows on NHK about the process, and one of Miyazaki’s anime (Omoide Poro Poro) shows a little of the flower harvesting. So, we’ll see what summer brings regarding that aspect of the garden.


The temps have also been unusually cool, for this time of year (at least it seems) or it’s our blackberry winter.  Although, it may be a bit early for that.  However that is, the cool and gloom have been ideal for staying indoors and making further progress on this quilted piece.

It took a couple of days just to complete the moon and I’m still not sure I don’t need to add a few more stitches somewhere else.  I’m working back and forth between the top most layer and the background layer at the moment, just letting them tell me what the approach should be. This morning I added the han (name stamp & logo) and waiting for it to dry before moving on.

It’ll be back to stitching this afternoon unless the sunshine and garden call.  I’ve got plenty more safflower seeds.  I can plant some and share the rest with the birds.

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