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Swatch book – greys

June 18, 2012

Swatch book – greys
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The first piece I photographed (at the Gregg) was a swatch book showing patterns in greys. They had more of an indigo cast and that’s what my camera read as well.

At this point, I should explain that this was a very informal “shoot” – strictly for documentation – to identify the pieces and nothing more. So, the lighting and set up were not ideal (neither was the camera or photographer). I guess this is a disclaimer. I tried my best to keep my shadow out of the images, but wasn’t always successful. Still, the story is there.

As I was shooting these pieces, Janine and I pored over them, looking at technique, speculating about their history and appreciating the handwork involved.

In this case, of course, it was a sample book and I’ve been thinking of just these kinds of things when preparing for my classes. It’s good to have a book of samples. What’s a good way to do that? Here’s one simple and direct approach.

My collection on flickr only reflect some favorite patterns and it was difficult to choose, as there were so many. This is also just a small sampling of what we looked at on Friday.


Shibori swatches

June 17, 2012


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I stepped away from the studio on Friday to spend the day at the Gregg Museum. Janine told me that there were some swatches that needed some “attention” (you need to see these!) and they also needed some documentation. I took snapshots until my camera battery was exhausted. Then we switched over to Janine’s.

This example is only one small example. Not all are authentic shibori, but printed or woven examples. Still aspects of these pieces are quite wonderful and I find them inspiring. This is, again, just a very small sampling of what’s in the collection of this ilk.

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