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from triangles to circles

April 4, 2012

    Breathing this week. At least, that’s the thinking.

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a peek

May 25, 2011

Dusty Rose Silk

I finally handed it back today – she loved it – makes my day!

I will still post a picture or two of her wearing it, but that isn’t for a while yet. That’s the part I really like – seeing it worn – in context.

Dusty Rose Studies

March 17, 2011

Dusty Rose Studies 1

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It’s a vintage rose, dusty rose…it has just the barest hint of mauve and I’m experimenting with it. Today, after spending several days preparing a few scarves, they were finally immersed in their color.

With these I’ve established that I have the hue I want to work with and that I can also create ombre with it on silk. I still need to know how deep I can go, so there’s still more testing to do.

All of this has to do with a small commission or order requested several weeks ago. It involves over dyeing a long white silk dress in a rose ombre. I feel like it has to be approached very carefully-hence the practice.

クモの巣 – Kumo no Su

March 1, 2011

クモの巣 – Kumo no Su

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It’s really te-kumo shibori – that’s the term – probably centuries old. I wanted to know what the kanji was for it, and only found クモ which refers to the spider or spidery things.

巣・su is the term for web, net, gossamer or cobweb.

My own example is a very loose interpretation of kumo and it has been manipulated and dyed over several times making it a little more cloudy or smoky (another kumo – 雲) .

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