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A catch

September 9, 2016

Early this afternoon, a special and long awaited “guest” arrived in the garden:

today's catch

today’s catch

This may be the sole reason why I plant milkweed and other assorted flowers and herbs. I love all of the life they attract, the finches, hummingbirds, other butterflies and of course, bees. The monarch, though, feels like something much more, and it appeared this afternoon, flitting about, never resting. So, this was pure serendipity.


arashi on the first body piece

In the meantime, dye work continues on a current focus – the yukata. I may have mentioned earlier, that this third one may take more time.

It also came to mind that in none of my write ups regarding the upcoming workshop (at Pullen Arts Center, Raleigh – please see the Workshop page) did I mention to bring a bag lunch. I’ve altered that, but wanted to make a note of it.





Upcoming Fall classes

June 24, 2013


It may be a bit early for this announcement, but then again, folks are planning ahead for autumn, so perhaps it is time for considering something like this.

Once again, Janine LeBlanc and I are teaming up for a series of classes in the fall.  They will be held at Pullen Arts Center  While classes are not available for sign up yet, they will be beginning July 30.

For consideration, at this point, are these dates:

Thursdays, October 24 – November 14

Time:  6 – 8:30 pm

That makes a total of 10 class hours to explore various aspects of shibori and indigo dyeing.  This also gives opportunity for students to practice their new skills in their personal studios and then return to the workshop  for more challenges (we hope!).

As I know more I’ll continue to update on my blog and also will put this same information on my “Workshops” page.  So, dear reader, if you have any questions regarding the class, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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