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handmade book

February 17, 2012

handmade book – 1

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Beyond the scarves, wall hangings and other things always in the making, I like to step away and work on something that’s even more personal. Fabric books are a medium that work, as I like books. This one is still in progress and I hope to complete it soon as I hope to include it in an exhibit coming up this spring.

Dangling Threads

April 23, 2009


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Yesterday, I didn’t feel like I had an entirely successful day with my own work and also was well aware that was a thing my students were going to feel on looking at their own results. Threads broke, sometimes knots didn’t get tied, threads weren’t cinched up tightly enough…those little provoking things that keep a piece from working happened. Still, due to the crinkles and wrinkles in the cloth, something happened under the surface of the dye that was unplanned. It’s just not what was wanted though and that will be, in many cases, the next step.

So this afternoon, in my backyard, I looked at dangling threads and asked, “Well…what if we left the thread in, instead of picking them all out?” Or, “What if the image was embellished with simple embroidery (like kantha or sashiko)?” things like that. We won’t be able to pursue these things in class and chances are many of them won’t want to go any further with these things, but then again, what if?


January 7, 2009


I would be writing more, but I’ve had a virus since the New Year and it has rather laid me low.  I’m also back in class though, and am prepping again for a workshop at the end of the week.  I also  have a lot I want to share here, so I have to be patient with myself.

I mentioned my interest in Sashiko earlier, I’ve had a peripheral interest in it, but have never really had the time to commit to it.  However a show on crafting (on NHK, of course) revived my interest.

I thought that sashiko was used for quilting, but it’s also an embroidery technique, I’ve just learned.  The image of the doll above is from the NHK show and is part of a larger piece.  They called it sashiko even though it’s used to fill in the images, not outline them.  What also interested me was that the pieces being shown were not the traditional white on blue traditional patterns.  This was a much freer interpretation.


December 20, 2008

Sashiko is beginning to have an appeal lately. I viewed a show on NHK about its contemporary interpretation recently and it doesn’t seem any different than a lot of the embroidery I’m seeing on-line. I’ve had books on the topic for quite sometime now and am giving them a closer look. I have the thread and needles, just don’t have that special thimble yet. I’m sure I will manage. In the meantime, I’m slowly pulling together fabric pieces and imagery I want to work with.

The crisscross patterning on this old Japanese fireman’s coat was created with sashiko.

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