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magic in the moonlight

October 9, 2014

Indeed the sky certainly has been full of something this week. The eclipse wasn’t visible from my vantage point unfortunately,but I did rise early to see if I could catch a glimpse. The space station skimmed by a couple of times during the week. The moon continued in its growth toward fullness. What a week for things celestial.

10-8moonB ISSgrphc1

While last night’s moon was full, it was not 十五夜・Jugoya or 満月・mangetsu – which take place earlier in August and September. Still, why not pause and do a little viewing? The sky was clear, the air still lingering of summer but with a hint of what’s to come…in North Carolina, it works.

Mangetsu1A 3570B

While the days are still warm but not nearly as humid, I’m taking full advantage of the situation – simply enjoying the autumn light and some time to explore.


Storm clouds

September 30, 2012


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They started moving in Friday, and the rain started in the evening. Wind, thunder and lightning and of course, rain poured on Saturday, so there was no moon to view.

In addition, a copperhead was discovered in the garage, so I wasn’t inclined to be in the dye studio after that. It still makes me a little nervous to go out there. It simply means, more yard work is needed.

A visit to Meredith earlier in the weekend though, was a delight. I enjoyed seeing the finished results of aizomeshibori on the scarves from the workshop, and then again, the gardens around the art building were irresistible.

Looking at the Moon

September 27, 2012

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For some, it is a time to pause, reflect, to enjoy the aspects of the season, family and many other things. I’ve also been looking at the moon this week. The sky has been clear for a change and the evenings have a touch of cool. There are insect sounds still, so it’s pleasant to be out.

Maybe on a designated night this weekend, I should do a more purposeful 月見・tsuki mi・moon-viewing. That is to say, sit outdoors and really gaze at the sky (and the moon) and then munch on goodies moon shaped – something like that.

The image – it’s a furoshiki, something I made to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit (in shibori & hand dyed in indigo).  Those images, though are quite universal in a particular culture.  For me, it’s a favorite.


September 21, 2011


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It’s the season for 月見・つきみ・tsuki mi – moon viewing. Right now, from my perspective, it isn’t full, but recently, I did see a full, golden orb in the night sky.

There may be specific dates for this event, but as far as I know, the season may extend into October.

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