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Upcoming in Jan. & Feb.

January 16, 2018

“Shobu”/Iris – detail

Meredith College is holding an alumnae event – coming up at the end of the month.  There are more details and a link on the Events page.  The above shows a detail of my entry.

Several of my friends and I, in my Threads group, are among the many participating in this exhibit. It’s going to be fun to see the many various interpretations of the theme, the Meredith Hues Iris – looking forward to it, needless to say.

I delivered my piece first thing this morning, as we are due for some kind of “weather” tomorrow. I plan to stay off the streets and enjoy the white blanket for however briefly it lingers.


September 25, 2014

It’s more than obvious by now that the exhibit is now open. I’ve mentioned it on more than one occasion. Suffice it to say, that finally, on viewing, all of us in the group are quite pleased and happy to see how the folks at Meredith displayed our work.

All My Relations by Cheryl Harrison

All My Relations by Cheryl Harrison

It has been a while since I’ve had a chance to view Cheryl’s work. It was good to see it and it affirmed its strength and her skill.

What Remains by Peggy Clover

What Remains by Peggy Clover

There’s much more than meets the eye with so many of these pieces. They tell stories, life stories. It’s heart work, so they are not always what they seem. In viewing them again, in this context, it’s all I can do.

Connections (the exhibit)

September 12, 2014

I would be remiss if I didn’t post this:


We are less than a week away and I’ve been mentioning this, but a post devoted to it was needed.  The above image is linked to the site for more information.  You can also find the same on my “Events” page.  We (Threads group) are thrilled to pieces about this, also honored and deeply touched as it also celebrates Cheryl Harrison who was a part of our group.  Hope you can join us!


August 28, 2014

In my last entry, I mentioned an upcoming group exhibition. More information is included on my “Events” page. The opening reception is on September the 18th and of course, the public is welcome (and I am looking forward to this).

As a result, most of my time over the last week has been spent completing a few last pieces and preparing all of them for set up in the gallery. I’m continuing stitch work on two pieces, one is the ensō which I mentioned earlier, and another is a much smaller quilted piece.


It contains the kanji 寿(Kotobuki) with shibori wrapped around the character strokes and its form is slowly emerging.  I’m enjoying the work – one stitch at a time.


But, yesterday I changed the week’s work routine to dye a few scarves.  The weather was almost autumnal (except for the mosquitoes), low humidity and a breeze, good for drying things. There are always questions about fibers, how they respond to the dye, the techniques, how they read, and then again the dye and its response. The results are always unexpected and give me new things to consider.  It’s never backtracking, simply  practice.


And they are back!


Storm clouds

September 30, 2012


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They started moving in Friday, and the rain started in the evening. Wind, thunder and lightning and of course, rain poured on Saturday, so there was no moon to view.

In addition, a copperhead was discovered in the garage, so I wasn’t inclined to be in the dye studio after that. It still makes me a little nervous to go out there. It simply means, more yard work is needed.

A visit to Meredith earlier in the weekend though, was a delight. I enjoyed seeing the finished results of aizomeshibori on the scarves from the workshop, and then again, the gardens around the art building were irresistible.

Rhyme in Time

September 15, 2011

She had a little lamb

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“Rhyme in Time” at the Frankie G. Weems Gallery (Meredith College) was a delightfully “wicked” approach to old, familiar and favorite nursery rhymes. It examines and explores historical references as well as possibilities…thought provoking and pure fun. It’s an installation by Emily Cash Wilmoth, Catherine Thornton, Emily Howard and Kelly Smith-Campbell – you can see it through October 30th.


January 30, 2011

resist, resistance 1

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It’s exciting to see this kind of student work in this particular  field (textiles) and it’s on display at the Frankie G. Weems Gallery at Meredith College (Raleigh). I’m also pleased to have played a small part in this, as the students I taught in an aizome shibori workshop this past fall were participants.

This exhibit runs concurrently with “Traces: Mapping a Journey in Textiles” which is showing at NCSU’s Gregg Museum of Art & Design. This show 51 students from 9 southeastern colleges used ikat, shibori, batik and other approaches to explore various themes such as personal & family relationships, spiritual & personal issues, individual rights and aspects of artistic design involved in creating a piece.

I know this is a brief description and barely covers the depth of exploration in these pieces. It’s well worth seeing if you are in the area.

Meredith College Art Sale

November 17, 2010

Meredith College Art Sale 2009

Holiday Art Sale:
Friday, Nov. 19th at 2-7  pm. and
Saturday, Nov. 20th from 11 a.m. – 4 pm.

Place: Meredith College’s Gaddy Hamrick Building (the art building on the 1st floor)

I am also joining friends, students and faculty to participate in this event.

Available for sale are affordable works of art made by Art Department students and faculty from all disciplines, including painting, drawing, photography, fibers, graphic design, ceramics, and sculpture. Although organized by the faculty, the sale is primarily staffed and operated by the students. The goal for the sale is to improve the professional growth of the students as well as to generate interaction with the community. Most of the proceeds will go to the artists, but a portion has been set aside to fund grants for independent student art projects.

Meredith Shibori Workshop

September 22, 2010

Meredith scarves3

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Sunday afternoon I went back to Meredith to see the workshop results. By now they’ve been graded, I’m sure each received an A.   Some were also selected to be in an upcoming spring exhibit on resist.

Meredith workshop

September 15, 2010

shibori on the lawn

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After dyeing their scarves, the students either hung them on a line indoors or spread them out on the grass. It was a perfect day for indigo & shibori.

Being back on campus was delightful as always and I really enjoyed the class. The young women were careful with their work, engaged and enthusiastic, especially after unbinding their pieces. Some of their results will be submitted for an exhibit on resist which will go up later this coming spring.

If it looks like it was just a day of dipping and sun, it was hardly the case, it was work.  The women posed a lot of thoughtful and challenging questions about Indigo, the properties of it, its limitations and characteristics that I couldn’t always answer.  That’s what I liked about it – the challenges, questions and further exploration that the situation presented.

So, when I came home, the first thing I did was make notes about those queries and that’s where I am at this point – thinking, playing, experimenting…and these things will manifest in a scarf or furoshiki, another textile piece or in another lesson.

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