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Day at the Gregg

November 28, 2011

climbers – det.
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A day at the Gregg, with friends,  recently was so very therapeutic. I was supposed to be helping with stitching (display). It didn’t turn out that way though, and for me, it was probably for the best. I was asked to take pictures instead. That meant “play!”

It was a visual feast. I’d been hearing about particular pieces in their Japanese collection for some time. What I saw though, was beyond my expectations and was able to document some of those elements. To say that it was inspiring is an understatement.

These climbers (in Kanoko shibori), making their way up an unseen path, on a silk nagajuban (long under kimono) toward Fuji (on the upper back)  recall a Hokusai print. It has to be Fuji since it’s the “only” mountain typically celebrated in that way.  However, my inner eye says “No…it’s  Sakurajima.” I think it works.

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