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Mukashi Mukashi

June 19, 2008


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Last summer at Artspace, I did a workshop with rising 3-5th graders called “Mukashi Mukashi,” which means “a long time ago….” We might also say “once upon a time.” I read an old folktale, Urashima Taro, they did fish (and turtle) printing on paper as well as strips of fabric to make head wraps (hachi maki). Then we launched into small Edo kites which they accomplished very quickly. I was surprised. It left time on the last day for origami. So, this year I’m doing the same, but with a much smaller class. We’ll only have 6 students. My prep isn’t taking as long and I’m certainly a lot more relaxed about it. I still need to cut dowels to size for the kites and pick up a few last minute things, like small plates to serve as palettes. The class starts Monday and I’ll be doing it all week.


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