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March 8, 2009


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The weather warmed up to the 80’s this weekend, so the one thing I looked forward to was being able to put something (with color) on the line. I’d dyed some pieces in a cotton and hemp blend a few weeks ago with itajime in mind. These were dyed in a rust-red, then folded into triangles and discharged, similar to “magicloth”. I used the same method, but, the patterns turned out differently from the tablecloth and each panel is slightly different from the other-I’m not at all disappointed about that.

My original plan was to make a 2 panel noren and I think I’ll continue with that in mind.


Magic cloth

February 15, 2009


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This is what I really love about hand dyeing-the magic that happens beneath the surface. It can’t be predicted. I wasn’t sure how it would work considering the fabric. In the end, it softened and I can’t compare it to canvas, except maybe when it’s wet. Spread on a table, it’s wonderful. I love the texture and weight of it-not to mention the pattern. To me, it’s far more than just the material and technique. I love it and can’t wait to share it.

This week, I deliver it to my niece who is an aircraft test engineer. I’m hoping these star bursts, solar flares or whatever they are and whatever else she sees in this piece will serve her well.

挑戦・Chousen 2

January 24, 2009

5-line drying

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It’s nearly finished. I had to put in the pattern today as it’s the warmest it’s going to be all week. It rained this morning, but the sun came out briefly this afternoon, so I thought I’d chance it. Right now, it’s hanging on the line. It’s extremely heavy and feels more like heavy canvas. It was awkward hanging it, even so, it’s dragging on the ground. I just want the excess water to hang out.

Last night I played with paper and and ink practicing making patterns. This morning I folded it into triangles and clamped it. Last weekend I ironed and folded it into pleats. So now, all that’s left is to launder and dry it again (and iron it). I also need to finish the edges. I’m not sure if I will serge them and leave them as they are or hem them. If the serging looks good, I may leave it at that.


October 9, 2008

Now, this is Itajime. Fiberarts Magazine (March/April 2003) features the same artist, Angelina DeAntonis, here.

More shibori

October 6, 2008

Banners & curtain

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I put off lessons for some dyeing today. I meant to do it over the weekend. Other things happened. However, I was determined to get to this before the rest of the week took over.

My son requested hand dyed curtains for his apartment. I’m not sure they’re the right size, but they will cover his windows and they are aizome shibori, as he requested. I still have a few more panels to go. They were bought commercially and are made from either a heavy denim or canvas. Between the weight and length, I found it quite a challenge. I was mostly concerned about the patterning, but it worked.

The smaller pieces are banners for a gyotaku workshop at an elementary school (next week!). They requested banners and maybe I should also take white, but I thought they could print the fish on the shibori just as well (I thought the blue might convey water…). I guess we’ll see how all of that works out. All that remains is to finish the edges and make a casing.

I especially enjoyed “throwing” together the curtains.  Unlike most of my projects, there was no planning at all, just doing.  My mind wandered and played with the imagery while they dried.  I’ll definitely try it again, but not on a curtain.

Aki itajime

August 31, 2008

itajime sample-2

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Oh my! Check this one out ! I love those autumn colors. You’ll find a wonderful tutorial at:
Kaizen Journey.

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