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in progress

March 13, 2014




It took time to wrap each little kumo, so it’s also taking time to carefully unbind each one.

There were a lot of unknowns in the construction of this piece. It was an experiment and still is. As I’ve been loosening the threads, pulling at the shapes and photographing them different things have come to mind – topics in my reading and museum visits all play a part. What that final “product” or image will be though, is still quite unknown at this point.


November 12, 2011


Originally uploaded by j9leblanc

I can’t remember if this was a small scarf or a cotton hankie…but Janine did an exceptional job of taking photos of a few pieces in our joint collections.

We’re in the process of applying for another workshop situation this summer, this time in the Blue Ridge mountains. We’re on their “docket,” but there were a few remaining things. Once things are in place and the time is right, I’ll definitely provide more information.

In the meantime, I was thinking that I haven’t created many pieces reflecting a certain favorite season. There is this little item, though and it may work.

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