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Shibori swatches

June 17, 2012


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I stepped away from the studio on Friday to spend the day at the Gregg Museum. Janine told me that there were some swatches that needed some “attention” (you need to see these!) and they also needed some documentation. I took snapshots until my camera battery was exhausted. Then we switched over to Janine’s.

This example is only one small example. Not all are authentic shibori, but printed or woven examples. Still aspects of these pieces are quite wonderful and I find them inspiring. This is, again, just a very small sampling of what’s in the collection of this ilk.

India: Bandini & Shibori

April 13, 2009


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My classes move from the language classroom to the art room for the remaining part of April. They will be engaged in a unique activity that I think they’ll find intriguing. Under the guise of a small study in textile manipulation and dyeing we’ll be comparing the cultures of India and Japan (or maybe it’s an excuse to do shibori and dye with indigo!).

We’re drawing on Dee’s experience in India last summer and my knowledge and experience with indigo dyeing. When it comes to textiles, Japan and India do have a great deal in common. Bandini is a form of Shibori and in both counties they dye with indigo, so why not bring the two under one roof?

At any rate, tomorrow is our first day to get this project underway. We’ll introduce the topic and show films on indigo dyeing in both countries, then move into the specifics of shibori and bandini. I’ve been looking forward to this for months.

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