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handmade book

February 17, 2012

handmade book – 1

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Beyond the scarves, wall hangings and other things always in the making, I like to step away and work on something that’s even more personal. Fabric books are a medium that work, as I like books. This one is still in progress and I hope to complete it soon as I hope to include it in an exhibit coming up this spring.

Seaside mindset

January 6, 2010

Detail 1

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Originally, the plan was to go to the beach for a few days, but things didn’t work out. As things have gone, it’s probably wiser to have stayed home. Still, I’ve kept that mindset, put most of the usual daily aside (with a few exceptions), and continued working on a project that needs completing.

I’ve needed to stop the usual prep and production for one. While I do a lot of thinking during that period, working with needle and thread in a different way seems to have allowed my mind to wander along “that” path again. It has given me time to “play” and think about the memories and other associations, past and present connected with the imagery in this small book.

I suppose I should also make it clear that my mind wasn’t “swinging on a swing” or off riding a bike somewhere.  If those things provide a respite though, maybe…if it helps to take one to that other path.  I’ve needed that other path this week, to travel to other places, if only in my mind and that hesitant needle and wandering thread took me there.

A friend told me recently that you have to let the piece speak to you. I wondered if it would, or would I hear it when it did, or would I understand the message?   I wondered about all of that and hoped something would happen and it seems that things are flowing and that is affirming.

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