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March 3rd

March 3, 2017
Hinamatsuri Dolls

雛祭り Hinamatsuri Dolls

Today is Hinamatsuri, Girls’ Day, Girls’ Festival or Dolls Festival in Japan.  I remember being intrigued with the tall displays of the imperial court when I was a girl.  Some were so elaborate and elegant – yes, I would have loved a collection of my own!

The kanji 「雛・ひな」hina defines as “chick, duckling, squab [fledgling bird] and doll”。「祭り・まつり」Matsuri means “ritual, offer prayers, celebrate, deify, enshrine and worship”.  The origins of this festival trace back to hina-nagashi in the Heian Period.  So there’s more to this than just celebrating girls and dolls – also a little spiritualism and “magic” (perhaps).

The photo is ancient – from my dad’s collection, something “generic” so I’m not sure that he even took it. He must have used it though, to talk about Japanese culture in our trips “back” to the US.  At any rate, it gives me pause to look back and there’s always something new to learn in the process.

March 1st: blustery.

March 1st: blustery.

The month began with those “March winds” – it was blustery and I’ve had some custom work on the line this week. It was uncharacteristically warm – in the 80s – not at all March-like.

The real reason for this entry? I changed the times for the opening for “Filaments”, the upcoming exhibit mentioned in my last blog. I’ve also updated it on the Events page – 6-8 p. instead of 5-7 p.  Hope to see you there!


the sun came out

October 5, 2012

the sun came out
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The sun did come out to play today after a seemingly long week of drizzle, thunderstorms, warm temps and high humidity. If I was out, it wasn’t related to the vat. What little work I did in that regard was limited and in the dye studio.

Today was a wonderful reprieve and was finally able to continue  work for a customer who loves indigo.

I’m also trying to squeeze in some personal work before cooler weather arrives later this weekend (I’ve been told). Also, for some reason, I’ve noticed of late the sweet floral scent of the indigo. It isn’t an everyday experience.

custom work

June 15, 2012

custom work – det. 1
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Dyeing a shirt like this, a tablecloth or blue jeans puts the indigo into a different context – at least for me. I tend to look through a different lens most of the time. So, doing custom work presents new challenges and a different perspective. It’s refreshing.

It also puts me in contact with people who think differently about what they wear. Some are passionate about indigo (as this customer is) and some want to “upscale (?), recycle or change what they have. They want to keep that wardrobe, make it last, but also make it new. I do the same with my own wardrobe.

In this case, I’ve been introduced to new fibers and fiber combinations, so it has given me a lot to think about, at least in terms of material.

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