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July 10, 2011

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Between the dry weather, the sudden rainstorms, teaching days and other little demands of the daily, I practice. I’m reminded of past piano lessons, the warm up exercises before tackling the piece or pieces I was focused on. It was not only important to get the muscles (and brain) warmed up, but also helped to bring me to the technical aspects of it. So, I think of these also as warm up exercises.

I’m thinking about these patterns or of something similar. It helps to fold and dip. It just keeps me moving and it’s fun. it also tells me about the vat – where it is, how it is and what it might need.  It’s living after all.

Back to the patterns – it’s summer – and these high contrast indigo and white images are what one might see on a yukata (light summer kimono) at a festival (matsuri). Both cloth (cotton or linen) and pattern are meant to cool one down physically as well as visually. It’s what comes to mind in the summer heat.


a peek

May 25, 2011

Dusty Rose Silk

I finally handed it back today – she loved it – makes my day!

I will still post a picture or two of her wearing it, but that isn’t for a while yet. That’s the part I really like – seeing it worn – in context.

fait accompli

May 4, 2011

fait accompli

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It is indeed, finally, a fait accompli! It cannot be undone or reversed (so says Webster’s). I’ve been working on the idea since February, always holding a visual idea of it in mind. It really couldn’t be done until conditions were right – familiarity with technique, the dye and its interaction with the fabric involved, and then the weather.

The weather has also been a factor. A warm, sunny, not too hot, preferably spring like with not too many distracting insects was wanted. Yesterday was it. I also knew that it would be turning cooler with rain today. So, the sooner the better….

The morning was spent setting up: laying out tools, tubs, buckets, spoons, brushes, timer, camera and dye, and the dress was put in water for pre-soaking. A pulley was rigged up in hopes of holding it over the dye vat (that was the theory and a good one I’m sure), and then finally it was immersed into the vat where the dye was slowly added while timing it in sequence.

In spite of a springy clothesline (this is where the pulley didn’t work), the sought for dusty rose ombre was managed and that was a huge relief. The dress was rinsed, later washed and draped over the clothesline for the rest of the day. So, the work is basically complete. There are some finishing details to attend to and again; I’d like clear weather for good light.

Perhaps, also in the future, we can see the dress in its full context.  That’s a few months away, but not so far off and I’ll look forward to it.

Raleigh Tornado Fundraiser

April 21, 2011

Locally, Michelle Smith has organized a fundraiser for The Boys and Girls Club of Southeast Raleigh.   She says  “As most of you know Raleigh and surrounding areas were hit with some tornadoes that wrecked havoc on some of the poorest neighborhoods of our city.”  Her goal is to raise $5000.  I think she can do it.

Rebbecca Rousseau is one of the many featured artists represented in this fundraiser.

Here’s the link to this event.

Rabbit & the Moon

March 8, 2011

Mom’s scarf det. – rabbit

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I’ve loved the imagery for I don’t know how long – a lifetime? It feels that way. For some reason, this year, it struck a chord. It just worked. It was time to play with it. So, here we are, playing and in the light of the moon.

クモの巣 – Kumo no Su

March 1, 2011

クモの巣 – Kumo no Su

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It’s really te-kumo shibori – that’s the term – probably centuries old. I wanted to know what the kanji was for it, and only found クモ which refers to the spider or spidery things.

巣・su is the term for web, net, gossamer or cobweb.

My own example is a very loose interpretation of kumo and it has been manipulated and dyed over several times making it a little more cloudy or smoky (another kumo – 雲) .


February 21, 2011

CareyOHalloran is featuring a ‘particular’ color in “Nightfall” in her Etsy shop. She says “Shades of blue from periwinkle to indigo to deep violet with hints of caramel as the day passes from twilight to midnight.”

Rabbits & Indigo in Etsy treasuries

February 3, 2011

Moon Over Fuji with Hare

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A couple of Etsy treasuries have appeared on the horizon and it would be remiss if I didn’t mention them. Feltjar is featuring some very “rabbity” items in Lunar Lovin’.

Then, Loretta Designs is highlighting items in my favorite color, indigo in Indigo Chic. Both have a lot of appeal, I think!


January 30, 2011

resist, resistance 1

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It’s exciting to see this kind of student work in this particular  field (textiles) and it’s on display at the Frankie G. Weems Gallery at Meredith College (Raleigh). I’m also pleased to have played a small part in this, as the students I taught in an aizome shibori workshop this past fall were participants.

This exhibit runs concurrently with “Traces: Mapping a Journey in Textiles” which is showing at NCSU’s Gregg Museum of Art & Design. This show 51 students from 9 southeastern colleges used ikat, shibori, batik and other approaches to explore various themes such as personal & family relationships, spiritual & personal issues, individual rights and aspects of artistic design involved in creating a piece.

I know this is a brief description and barely covers the depth of exploration in these pieces. It’s well worth seeing if you are in the area.

Look Back Vintage

December 4, 2010

Look Back Vintage invites us to a midnight party – an invitation to  elegance stated in golds, deep blues (indigo?) which might suggest a little mystery and a lot of sparkle.  What fun!

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