the August studio

This month’s focus has been the yukata (summer kimono). After completing a small mock up,  these last two weeks have been about a full-size piece. It isn’t finished, but close enough for the moment.


full length – front & back of one side

The first week was spent dyeing all seven pieces to the garment: 2 front and backs, 2 sleeves, 2 overlaps and the collar. Each piece was manipulated uniquely and then dyed.


Beginning to look like “something”

At this point, all seven pieces are attached, but it is long and unwieldy. It’s bulky (because of the cloth type), wider, still than it really should be…still, I rather like the way things came together with the hand stitching. Yet, in the near future, I may take it apart to make some adjustments.  There’s much more to this garment than anticipated.


nearly there

And as we are now looking into September, I invite you to consider the weekend shibori workshop (Upcoming Workshops page) coming in the latter part of the month. It can be as intense and serious as you want, but I think fun is a necessary ingredient. It’s about indigo, it’s possibilities and beauty, as well as shibori.


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7 Responses to “the August studio”

  1. shiborigirl Says:

    can’t wait to see the full version. love the deep blue- is this your fermentation vat?

    • Susan Says:

      Wow! You move fast! I was still tweaking the photos. Yeah, me too, but I think I’ve got to make those adjustments (as I move on to another one…). Yes, yes! It’s my natural vat – it feels like a major accomplishment to pull it to good color.

      • shiborigirl Says:

        good color- that’s why I asked. did you read the post on ozone fading I posted on the blog?

        on a dark garment I would make sure to follow all the best practices. look forward to seeing it.

      • Susan Says:

        Thank you! Yes, I did read that – meant to comment, as that aspect of things has been on my mind as well. Rowland Ricketts addressed the issue too, I think, a while back. Anyway, I thought your write up was very informative and on target. So, thank you for that!

      • shiborigirl Says:

        wow- i didn’t see that. What did he have to say? Anything different? If you have the link handy can you send it to me or post here?

      • Susan Says:

        It was some time ago on ‘fb’, and what I remember was his encouraging washing out the fabric thoroughly, letting it cure for a few weeks, then finally doing an acidic (vinegar) rinse and washing it out again. I don’t recall his suggesting any other treatments. If I can dig it up, I’ll definitely send. I may have just copied the text…but definitely.

      • shiborigirl Says:

        no worries. that is enough. thanks-

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