abundance of rain

It has rained, spit and drizzled for an amazing week and is due to continue for a few more days it looks like.   I’ve often wished for days like this, but this is more than abundant.  However, it’s been a good week for indoor things – like baking, stitching, cleaning clutter…things that need tending to.


a 4 grain batter bread – been quite a while since I made this one

Drying on the line is out for the time being obviously, and I’m currently working with some smaller pieces I hope to show at Pullen a later this month – if time allows.

very small pieces - indoor drying

very small pieces – indoor drying

As there were size specifications, it has meant working up something new.  I also wanted indigo and shibori  to be represented among the other kinds of art and crafts that will be there.  I’ll also be teaching a workshop there at roughly the same time.

Elements of the Season

Elements of the Season – still in progress

The motifs are no surprise, of course – they keep talking to me and I enjoy their conversation.  Through my lens, they speak of the season and more.  I’d hoped to make a few more, but time is short – I need to deliver next week.

And a P.S.: This one’s been on my mind as of late – it’s a way we can all share our abundance (even a small amount) with someone else.

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2 Responses to “abundance of rain”

  1. glennisd Says:

    with all the rain there maybe some arashi is in order…carry on

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