small buzzing things

It isn’t the heat and humidity that’s keeping me mostly indoors – it’s the vicious mosquitoes. We had a good soaking rain yesterday morning. The flowers loved it, but it also brought that other element.

blue & white on silk

blue & white on silk

Still, I managed to put a few pieces on the line. They’re in slow process of making their way to being listed in my shop. It’s taking more time than I expected, but there’s no rush.

blue 'scape study

blue ‘scape study – detail

My “scape” studies are also moving at a “considered” pace. There’s no need to push these either. What I visualize is one thing. When I determine the techniques or approach I realize there’s going to be more involved.

currently reading

currently reading

Recently, I read Creating with Reverence by Claire Campbell Park. It’s a short read but thought-provoking, asking the reader/artist/maker to consider a series of questions about the nature of his/her own work. I’m slowly working my way back through it as I ponder the interactions I have with dyeing clothing and other various cloth and fibers.

Park says, In many parts of the world, people have traditionally owned very few sets of clothes, yet, what they wear connects them to their heritage and the shared beliefs and values that are the foundation of their community.

I wonder how we would look if our clothing reflected these things? How about me? What do my colors and “style” reflect?  What and who comprise my community?  Heritage?  How do I define that?  That’s just one small aspect of this book buzzing around in my head.


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2 Responses to “small buzzing things”

  1. neki rivera Says:

    if you have to grow the yarn, spin it dye it weave the cloth and then cut it to wear it by necessity you have few and are more appreciative of the clothes you have. not to mention that those actions are imbibed in cultural meanings.
    has suburban living killed all those connections?

    • Susan Says:

      Good question and I think we know the answer to that – just think about mall shopping (things like that) – just for starters. Do we create new culture(s), create new meaning?

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