late summer

I’m chasing butterflies and watching certain flowers bloom that I’ve been waiting and watching for, for most of the summer.



It’s truly worth the wait when they finally arrive.  It’s feeling less summer – more of that in between seasons.

indigo catamaran

indigo catamaran

The vat’s still in summer mode though – being playful.

bits & pieces

bits & pieces

I’m trying to keep bits and pieces on the line as well – anything to keep the vats occupied and me outdoors, as the cicadas are something to listen to this time of year.

pampas grass

pampas grass

My upcoming autumn workshop is listed on the “Workshops” page – where you’ll find more detail. Class registration is available now at Pullen Arts Center (Raleigh).


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2 Responses to “late summer”

  1. neki rivera Says:

    i especially like the pampas grass one.
    my vat has also been very friendly although i had to transfer it to another container as the old one was dangerously 😉

    • Susan Says:

      Oh thank you! I love pampas grass this time of year – thinking of moon viewing….Sounds like you caught that leak at a good time! Early on, I found that my trash cans leaked, so used duct tape – it held well enough. I got away with that for a long time, but the barrels have been a huge improvement!

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