so it’s raining

Rain has finally moved in to give a little respite from the heat and dry spell. I’ll take the break. I’ve spent most of my days working on something including a custom order which may be nearly complete.

a tunic

a tunic

It has helped to keep things going in the dye studio. Otherwise, I might not venture out, much. It’s also a piece that has helped keep the vat going – ah – and me outdoors, listening to the cicadas and watching for the occasional butterfly.

pureed leaves

pureed leaves

Last time I posted I mentioned “playing” with freshly harvested leaves.
The only conclusion I came to is that I needed more leaves. I had a very small harvest, hence a smattering of the color.



But, I did walk through Rowland Ricketts’ approach and would do it again, providing my harvest was larger. However that is, the results were sweet and gave another perspective – in palest blue – not my usual.

Chirimen & habotai silk

Chirimen & habotai silk

The scarf is Chirimen or crepe. It was cream and I thought to change it to a robin’s egg blue. It is truly an extremely pale aqua. One day, I may take it further.

It would be remiss not to make some mention of the significance of the day: August 6th – 70th Anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima. I saw Abe give an address last night on NHK. The language was so formal I couldn’t understand it, but I really didn’t need to.

And I can’t find words – sometimes I’m not sure what or how to articulate whatever there is that needs to be said or not. I have a strong connection with that country. It was my childhood home. In that case, feelings run deep. That home culture gave me many things, among them  a love of a certain color. I’m working with it – exploring it. I don’t know what else to do at the moment. It was a gift.


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6 Responses to “so it’s raining”

  1. Ronia Marie Says:

    Your words are spoken from the heart. With that is love.

  2. shiborigirl Says:

    watched the NHK news today as well as the Hiroshima documentary they produced last year for Journeys in Japan while I cut and rolled ribbon. Will add Hiroshima to my trip next time as I have never been there.

    only 4 hrs from Tokyo by Shinkansen.
    plus a tip on where to eat okonomiyaki Hiroshima style.

    in my vat today is some 100 year old washi and some basket weaving materials saved from the recent palm tree trimming.
    wish we had some rain…

    • Susan Says:

      I’ve been to Hiroshima a few times (as a child) too long ago and then to the peace park once – also too long ago. The museum was not an easy visit but I would go again. And I would take the Shinkansen – never taken it!

      We got a sprinkling yesterday. I think when they speak of rain, it includes the entire state, not just locally. We’re due for more today, but I’m wondering who’s really going to see it. Anyway, an indoor kind of day for the most part.

  3. neki rivera Says:

    i know myself and i could not stand a visit to the peace park and neither to viet nam. went through to get the boat to itsukushima. luckily the train connection to the ferry is right at the station.
    re abe: he’s moving slowly but surely into rearmament albeit people’s protests. his visit to yasukuni shrine some years ago didn’t help either. we’ll see.

    • Susan Says:

      I understand – truly. I’ve seen snippets of programs on NHK on the topic, especially stories from the survivors and their families. Not easy stuff, but very affecting.

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