bloom time

Peonies & False Indigo

Peonies & False Indigo

Springtime gifts from friends – given to inspire – “Grow some peonies! More blue for you garden [the cutting came with some seedlings]!”

Student work:  Arashi in reds, fuchsia…

Colors certainly bloomed in last week’s workshop. They were defined and described through various shibori techniques – pretty free form.

One morning's inspiration - student work

Student work:  One morning’s inspiration for all of us

My students put their hearts into it. It may not have been restful (achy backs, tired feet…), but there was exploration, engagement and enthusiasm. I think we all came away with some answers but also questions. That may be the point.

thriving, so far

thriving, so far

At home, my indigo bed is thriving. We pruned to let in more sunlight and hope this will make things even better. It isn’t an ideal space. As per usual, it’s always experimentation.

I’m looking forward to June – time for personal explorations and watching my gardens grow.


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2 Responses to “bloom time”

  1. neki rivera Says:

    good senseis get good students 🙂
    missed planting this year. hope the seeds hold 1 more year.

    • Susan Says:

      Oh thank you! Planting: really? Is it really too late for even 1 harvest? Your seeds should hold out. I don’t know why not.

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