things hatching

They’ve finally hatched!

more than 2 actually

more than 2 actually

Mom didn’t appreciate the photographer messin’ with her kids. I received what sounded like threats.

back phlox bed & indigo

back phlox bed & indigo

The garden keeps expanding. It’s so easy to work in. The phlox has powdery mildew at the moment. I hope I can remedy that soon.

poppy detail

poppy detail

The sun and mild spring temps have been perfect for some explorations – no humidity or mosquitoes.  The activity itself is refreshment, practice and generally bending the mind to work in colors other than ‘that’ exotic blue.

some of those primary colors

some of those primary colors

It feels like play and that’s probably what it is.  A workshop dealing with the same is upcoming at Pullen Arts Center in just few weeks.


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2 Responses to “things hatching”

  1. neki rivera Says:

    try neem oil on your plants. just add water and spritz.
    pretty fuchsia itajime

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