a small piece of summer

For the last 7 years, a small part of my summer has consisted of offering workshops for youth at Artspace. It feels like ‘if it isn’t Artspace, it isn’t summer’ – something like that. This year has been no different, except that the students were a little older (between middle and high school) and all girls. It’s been a delight – a quiet delight which I hope means they were just focused.

Intro. to....

Intro. to….

The goal was simply to introduce students to indigo, its “oblique personality” and to the beauty and intrigue of creating pattern in blue and white.

I’ve enjoyed seeing their progress as they experiment with the different processes. Rather than give them a specific product to complete, it has been more of an encounter and exploration.

arashi plus

Arashi plus – variations around the technique

I approached it this way simply because they are more “advanced” in age and able to handle the challenges. There have probably been some downsides to this, but on the other hand I’m learning about the realities of teaching an ancient craft to these “high-tech” learners.  In this situation I’m also a student.


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2 Responses to “a small piece of summer”

  1. neki rivera Says:

    interesting works , definitely new aesthetics!
    i’ve never gotten a vat so dark. how much ai was in the vat?

    • Susan Says:

      Thank you! It was a good class. I wanted them to explore with the available tools and techniques and think they came up with some lovely pieces. As far as value – just “dumped” in a lot of ai. Their vats were small – I used 2 gal. buckets (2 T. ai?) and the vats tired by mid-morning. I had to replenish almost everyday which may have something to do with that depth (and then the pieces might still be a bit damp in the photos).

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