things missing

Something’s been missing in my summer “garden scape” – the glimmer of a swallowtail’s wing. I’ve been looking for them, inviting them with specific plants, expecting them, sure I was just missing their fleeting appearances. I’ve seen hummingbirds and heard the cicadas, but, no butterflies. The day I planted the butterfly weed, a small one paused briefly, but otherwise nothing. It’s been strange not to see any at all. Last week’s article in the paper (and other resources) explained it.

ButterflyWeed1A Cho-Shibori1A

 Earlier in the week: daily rain kept activity indoors preparing for next week’s class at Artspace – cutting fabric into workable pieces and pressing out the wrinkles. That aspect is mostly complete and I think I’m nearly ready for the week. There hasn’t been time to make or work further on other pieces.

Shaku-det1A HachiDet1A

However, a few months ago I was asked to work up a piece… kanji in shibori on indigo. That is also nearly finished – just the casings at the top and bottom. The characters, 尺八 (shakuhachi) are about the bamboo reed instrument.

It also brings to mind a memory – the komuso who occasionally stopped by our house in Kagoshima. They stood outside our gate or stepped just inside the yard, playing their haunting melodies and soliciting for the local temple. They never spoke, just appeared mysteriously, played and left without a word.  Did anyone give them a few coins?  That’s the part that’s missing.


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2 Responses to “things missing”

  1. neki rivera Says:

    ♥ the colors of the chocho shibori

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