more than….

Over the holiday, visits to both the farmer’s market and art museum were refreshing. Hurricane Arthur’s rain bands surprisingly downed a few trees in the area, but later also brought lower temps and less humidity for a few days – a suggestion of autumn in summer’s heat.

Sunflowers at the market

Sunflowers at the market

always the heron

always the heron

This week and beyond though, the focus is on completing ‘that’ piece that I think of as ensō. It needed stretching over a surface and fastened securely.

oncanvas1 stitching

The linen I dyed earlier has finally been stretched over a frame and layers of batting and cotton. The silk, the final layer, is in process of being stitched to that canvas. I don’t want to rush this.  That’s been most of this week’s work – most.


However, a few other things are in process as well – a series of banners. I ‘jumped’ into this first one probably more quickly than I should have. I followed my usual process, but there were some unexpected aspects that cropped up. It couldn’t be resolved in this piece, but did manage to work around it with some satisfaction. My dad used to say “There’s more than one way to skin a cat.”



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