reflecting on color

This week has felt more like holiday or pre-holiday…something like that. While I have been occupied with preparing for other upcoming workshops and activities, there’s still been a lightness. The sense of “work” hasn’t been there.

week's pieces

red, white & blues

The first prep involves getting ready for the youth Artspace class which I’ve been teaching for more than 5 years now. It has always involved the younger (rising 3rd – 5th grades) group. Last year I decided to “promote” myself to an older set (it’s OK to do this), and will be working with rising 7th-10th grades. At the moment I’m gathering materials (cloth, thread, needles, tools, etc.) and re-thinking the “lesson” approaches. This class takes place at the end of the month.



Shortly after Artspace, in mid-August, Janine LeBlanc and I will make our way to West Jefferson, NC for a several days workshop at Florence Thomas Art School. We found our last experience there to be exhilarating (enthusiastic students), refreshing and just a lot of fun. If, dear reader, you are interested in participating, please see the description on my “Workshops” page.

7111A 7289A

With the heat, of course, the dye doesn’t like being neglected. I do my best to do “something” just to keep it content. I’ve been wanting to repeat working with red, white and blue patterning again. Fortunately, I had a red and white scarf from previous dye work.  All I needed to do was add that blue element.

Iro-iro1 rwbscarf1A

As I watched the colors emerge and change, I couldn’t help but reflect on their symbolism, their history, and the peoples involved in the making of these blues in particular.   There are many and it goes deep.




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2 Responses to “reflecting on color”

  1. neki rivera Says:

    yes!you’ve inspired me for red white blue dyeing!!

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