All in tune

A dripping June sets all in tune. (proverb)
Ame no ooi roku gatsu wa, sakubutsu o teichaku saseru. (kotowaza)

Over last weekend we officially stepped into the next season. The cicadas say so with their loud mi—mi—miii– and so far, the persimmons are growing plumper by the week. They are not quite golf ball size yet.

Kaki Canopy

Kaki Canopy

Most of the previous week went into preparing for a much anticipated workshop at the NC Museum of Art as well as continued over dyeing on a length of linen. The piece is still on pause at the moment, but the workshop took place over the weekend.

in the studio

in the studio

Needless to say, it was a delight and that was due to the very game participants who were eager to “swim” or immerse in the blue. I told my mother they were “up to their elbows.” That’s almost no exaggeration.


early in the process, so things look pretty neat

My goal was to give them as full an overview of the subject matter as time allowed. They had 2 full days to manipulate cloth pieces by binding, clamping, stitching and pole wrapping. By the second day, each student, it seems, found favorite areas of focus and pursued those approaches.


arashi was a winner


While this was a ‘full experience’ with students being given a variety of tools (never enough) to at least suggest the variety of possibilities in this kind of pattern making, my thoughts run to simplifying things. How to do more with less? Or simply with less and accomplish the same?  Summer has more challenges ahead.


In my last entry I mentioned an exercise or sample piece in process. It was finally completed in class and dyed, but had to dry it at home. It’s a thing that wanted trying – good for the fingers, the brain, simply good practice – makiage (stitched & bound) shibori.  From start to finish, it took a week to take it this far. The next step is a mystery.


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