Here we are in June, one of my favorite months (my month!). The fireflies are out and the Hydrangeas are blooming. The kaki are also growing fatter – much more visible from a distance.


The Hydrangeas though, have captured my attention, as they always do this time of year. They were in my mother’s garden when I was young, I remember them growing full and round in our backyard.  I suspect they also grew in her father’s garden.


So, just wanting to capture some of the essence of the month and the garden, I worked up a small sample piece in shibori, referencing a sashiko pattern – one that represents the Ajisai・あじさい・紫陽花・Hydrangea, on cotton. The focus is based simply on the central motif that is usually repeated many times over.


the backside reveals a square


the front – not so much

The pattern itself is a repeat of diamonds, but also references the square and it changes depending on the perspective. What I bear in mind is the seeming square in that singular blossom that repeats to create that “pom-pom” of a flower.


early dips



Eventually the stitching, wrapping, dyeing and unbinding resulted in this:

Ajisai in shibori

Ajisai in shibori

a detail

a detail

Multiplied many times over, I suspect it would describe my blue June flower.

* Please note:

The word doc attached to the NCMA link has been changed, so if you are attending the workshop coming soon – you might want to take note.

Many thanks!



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4 Responses to “Ajisai・あじさい”

  1. shiborigirl Says:

    a favorite month here too. our kaki here are at the same point and the ajisai has been in bloom for the past month. love your Shibori rendition of it!

    • Susan Says:

      I’m so excited to see my tree in fruit! I’ve had it for roughly 5 years and suddenly this year it blossomed. Then to see the fruit form so quickly…I was amazed! Thank you about the shibori – fun to do. So much to explore…never enough time, right?

  2. neki rivera Says:


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