the 寿・kotobuki piece

Last week was a kind of week off, at least from making. Some time went into the yard and garden .

Argentine Sage

Argentine Sage

This one attracts the hummgingbirds and I think it goes without saying why it grows in my garden.

Earlier, I showed a piece in progress and deliberated over whether it should be dyed in my home studio or in class. Since it was a reference to the Fukusa in the Gregg’s current exhibit, it simply made sense to dye it in class.

Fukusa (Gregg)

Fukusa (Gregg)



Shown above is the fukusa and my reference to it – in its current state. Currently, I’m considering the next step in its development. As one can see, I used mokume to shape the kanji 「寿」・kotobuki・long life, as opposed to using the kanoko pattern (realistically an impossibility). It didn’t turn out as expected, but it can be read and that may be adequate for this context and the next.

It took exactly one week from start to this point (Sunday to Sunday). That included drawing an image template and transferring it to the cloth, stitching (the mokume pattern) which took most of the week, and finally dyeing it on the second day of the workshop. For the present, it will “cure” until it’s ready for completion.

So, as the narrator of my current ドラマ (dorama) says 「ごきげんよう!  Gokigenyō!」Go well (in good spirits)! Adieu!


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2 Responses to “the 寿・kotobuki piece”

  1. shiborigirl Says:

    “not as expected” is a large part of shibori. good enough for mere mortals…it can be read. i love it from here. and kanoko is just a crazy maker in my book. i don’t do it either. honestly, i am surprised so much of it was done!
    and love the sage!

    • Susan Says:

      A huge thank you! Yep, kanoko is definitely…and I just don’t really “worry” about it. It’s amazing. I bow deeply to those artisans who did it (and maybe still do?). I think a lot of it is done by machine these days.

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