the workshop – reflections

This last weekend, Janine LeBlanc and I presented the “Tradition on Tradition” textile workshop for the Gregg Museum of Art and Design. Since it was being presented during the exhibition time of REMNANTS Of THE FLOATING WORLD, it seemed appropriate to reference imagery found in that collection (both in prints and objects).




detail from wedding kimono

The write up for the class says, “participants will create patterning on cloth using a traditional form of Japanese textile craft, shiborizome, using stitch resist and indigo dyeing.” After it was over, I asked myself, did we accomplish that?



"Asa no Ha"  pattern

“Asa no Ha” pattern

I think we did. We looked at images from the collection in class and some had visited the exhibit before that time. So there was time to consider the imagery.


“nui” explorations


explorations in “nui”

However things went, I felt like the work accomplished was an authentic reflection of the spirit of that exhibit. I couldn’t ask for more in that regard. It was also a delightful experience, meeting and working with the high level of enthusiasm and engagement of our participants (and many thanks!).

the Class

almost the whole class

In the same “breath” I also need to mention next month’s workshop which is also listed on my Upcoming Workshops page. I hope (dear reader) you will take note and follow the appropriate links (and please join us for another dip in that “blew” stuff!).


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