Looking for stillness, quiet

I wonder if that’s a good title for this entry?  I am looking for it, perhaps.  I’ve had some breathing space of a kind this week.  That is to say, I haven’t “made” – haven’t made a thing.  Although the ideas, thoughts, visualizations are there, it hasn’t been that time for being concrete about it.  That’s fine.


It’s been about cleaning, organizing, pitching (still so much more to go) and opening space.  It does clear the head (more please!).  I like it.  It helps when prepping for workshops ahead too and coming up is that one with the Gregg (takes place at Pullen Arts).  I’ve got friends coming over, to work in my “make a mess place” in the garage.

Last weekend was delicious…at Herbfest.

Dana adjusts the reluctant banner - it wouldn't stay put.

Dana adjusts the reluctant banner – it wouldn’t stay put.

We met so many interesting people, good conversations…so we had a fun time.  I’d do it again.

5813 CongratulationsCheryl

Delicious food at a new favorite restaurant, being with friends, celebrating achievements…all a part of the wonderful mix.  And yet, there’s a little bittersweet in those moments.  So I think I’m looking for those quiet spaces – maybe just to think a bit.


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