A strange weather week, it has been. The clouds have hung low with sounds that almost sounded like growls. Nothing manifested, but it put me on edge, and I was already there as I’d been in recent communication with my “Alabama son.” He was spending time hunkered down (safely) in a neighbor’s basement (thank you, kind neighbor!).

We’ve also had calm with windows of sunshine, so I’ve taken full advantage as nature has “allowed” all week; but there’s been that “understatement” and anticipation of things coming. So, to be able to dip in that blue and putting pieces on the line outdoors has had its meditative aspects. At least it has been soothing.


The garden is also in bloom with some favorites – much anticipated and cheering.
The weekend weather holds promise as there is that fest ahead on Saturday. Looking forward it!
Our booth’s banner perhaps?   It’s still in the making obviously.  I don’t really know if it will work…some experimentation will be called for I’m sure.  It was fun to make and it might be a little foreshadowing of what’s to come in another couple of weeks (you have to check out my “Workshops” page!).



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