in the making for Herbfest

There are so many different ways to express the concept of handcrafts or the handmade in Japanese. In trying to find the most appealing and easy (to the western ear) to say (and remember?) while staying in context was a bit of a challenge. I still can’t be sure that 手技・shugi, the “umbrella” name I chose for Dana’s and my small business venture at Herbfest is the appropriate one, but it does convey the meaning well enough.

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手技・しゅぎ・Shugi defines as craft or the handcrafts as the kanji 手・て・te means ‘hand’ and 技・ぎ/わざ・gi/waza refers to skill, art or technique. I thought using “日本の。。。/Japanese” in the title would only be redundant (and also long), but some might wonder. I’ve been thinking that some kind of signage might be appropriate. I’m still giving that some thought.


Dana Watson (From My Wandering Mind & Tanabata Wishes) is bringing her Temari (literally hand balls), intricately patterned, thread wrapped balls. You can ask Dana about their history and the stories involved in the making of each one.


I plan to keep my palette limited for this fest (indigo & white). I’ll bring scarves and other sundries in shibori. I’m looking forward to it and hope for a classic North Carolina spring day.



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