anticipating the coming season

梅一鈴 ・うめいちりん・ume ichirin – one plum blossom
一輪ほどの・いちりんほどの・ ichirin hodo – one at a time
暖かさ・あたたかさ・atatakasa — the warmth

Hattori Ransetsu  

Reader, I will let you decide what it could possibly mean.

It looks like spring is making its way. I’m seeing signs in my garden and we’re noticing evidence of fauna as well  – evidence of rabbits and my son captured some video of deer in my neighbor’s yard across the street recently. I had a feeling, as last year I noticed that some of my perennials were gradually losing their height (and they weren’t shrinking) and had a suspicion it wasn’t tall rabbits.

a.m.dip1So, I’m visiting the vats, continuing at least with this one project. The color is slowly building on the piece and I’ve enjoyed seeing the hue changes from a pale green to a rich blue. I’m letting it tell me how far to take it.

A quick jaunt to Florida could take me to the gulf – color inspiration? One never knows – at any rate, it will be a visit with family, some sun and warm breezes.

* a note about the above haiku by Hattori Ransetsu – it was performed on NHK’s Nihongo de Asobo (Let’s Play with Japanese [language]) – no explanations or translations but did find something to help with that aspect. I also went to a couple of on-line dictionaries.

* and the photo of the plum blossom was taken at Shelley Lake, a local park.


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One Response to “anticipating the coming season”

  1. neki rivera Says:

    delightful! i might go hanami soon 😉

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