that “blew” stuff



Needless to say, it was a delightful two sessions at the museum. In many respects we probably just scratched the surface in our discussion of Balfour-Paul’s book, as the topic is so vast. On the other hand, that hands-on encounter with the ‘stuff’ was necessary. All participants were engaged and the results of their “exercises” were lovely and fully saturated with that “blew’. There will be more to look forward to in the future.

Ikegobo - Alter to the Hand - Nigeria (NCMA collection)

Ikegobo – Alter to the Hand – Nigeria (NCMA collection)

A few days later, in a return visit to the museum, I was exploring the collection again, looking for a specific painting and came across this piece in the African exhibit. It celebrates the hand and the people who rely on that “tool” for their work – farmers, hunters, warriors and artisans. I probably don’t need to explain its intrigue.

testing color depth

testing color depth

The winter temperatures have kept me away from the vats (the garage is chilly), but temperatures spiked to the balmy 50s yesterday. I needed to create a fresh organic vat, as I’ll be doing some test samples in a few days. So an indigo/henna vat is ‘in process’ at the moment and while a daily testing may not be required, I think it’s a good idea. Yesterday I worked with another small swatch of that silk I’ve been experimenting with to test the color depth.   It went through the paces and wasn’t disappointed.  There is something about that blue.

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