Timbered Hill/Light Snow - Maud Gatewood - NCMA collection

Timbered Hill/Light Snow – Maud Gatewood – NCMA collection

A visit to the museum and a chance meeting with a landscape I don’t recall seeing before – it fit right in with the anticipation of snow due in the evening. In the end, it only amounted to a light dusting in my area – disappointing.


Detail of Kimono from the collection of the Gregg Museum

I like winter. I wished for more of those little flakes despite the inconvenience.- something to do with the effect it has on the landscape. It changes it, turns it into something new – ‘transformative’ – Kathy used the word last week. I keep pondering the word.

Silk study-detail

Silk study-detail

We had one mild day early in the week, so I was moved to “reboot” the vat to keep on with my studies in silk – form and that ‘that’ blue. The small results have given me some affirmation to keep exploring. Even a very small piece sends a message.”try it larger…see what happens.” Definitely.


Something’s brewing at the Gregg…what could it be?

I’ve also recently made a few additions to the Events & Workshop pages – there are a few added workshops and events (a few blurry lines there). Please take a peek. I’ll add more details as time goes on, but for the moment….じゃね!


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4 Responses to “anticipation”

  1. sophiebowns Says:

    This is great 🙂

  2. leilani bennett Says:

    OMG!!! the silk study detail — I’m lusting!

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