considering the season

When did the season begin? Was it last week at the Carrack, going to an exhibit where a friend had a piece on display? Those handmade books were (quite the eclectic collection) inspiring.


Or, maybe it was at the  Joel Lane (oldest house in Raleigh). Maybe. I certainly enjoyed the simplicity of the greenery, sipping a cup of wassail and the sounds of a dulcimer.


Or maybe it was gathering with some very favorite people for a potluck luncheon and “gift exchange,” which is more of a “clean out the ‘junk’ from your studio and share” it!   We have a lot of fun with this – not to mention the food. I baked some bread.


A commission/ special order is complete. It’s wrapped and soon to leave the studio. It’s also a gift.

Now, I’m considering the Gunma silk that made its way to my studio earlier this year (summer? Fall?). It has been waiting and I’ve been thinking. Things of this quality and beauty feel quite precious. Explorations are finally afoot. We’ll see what comes.



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6 Responses to “considering the season”

  1. shiborigirl Says:

    just an excellent tombo…

  2. frances moore Says:

    I enjoy your blog and I have a question. Do you have any tips or suggestions for shirokage (white shadow shiibori) ?

    My reference. Yoshiko Wada. Shibori the inventive art of Japanese shaped resist dyeing.

    Thank you, Frances

    • Susan Says:

      Thank you! I think her book is absolutely the best. I refer to it often. Regarding shirokage, is there anything specifically that you
      are challenged by?

      • Frances Moore Says:

        On page 100, she suggests a single thread, I have always doubled my thread and what designs work best for this type of shibori. I understand the concept of working in the direction of the warp and I just need to make some practice samples. This type of shibori makes me think of snow or patterns in the snow.

        Thank you, Frances

      • Susan Says:

        Sounds like to me you’re on a good track. I also usually double my thread, so next time I attempt this, I think I’ll make samples, like you, for comparison. Another thing I’m thinking about is how thick the thread is (how thick was her thread I wonder?) and then again, the weight of the cloth being worked with? So, I wonder how much you really have to “worry” about the number of threads? The samples will tell the story for sure. I agree with you about that pattern effect. They are so magical! Stunning stuff.

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