it’s probably everywhere

Fothergilla1C  The leave color is supposed to be peaking this week and it certainly seems that way.  Nature is showing off.  It’s one of my favorite times of the year and it’s the color.  If there was a way to bask in it, I might.  Is there a way to collect those colors?

We considered that sky and sea color again last night at Pullen and also more pattern making.  Again, we looked at folding and this time added the element of the stitch and what those results would be.  I think some of that may still be in the works during the week.  We’ll see.

We considered the butterfly or bee or a flying insect. Some of them shimmered looking more like angels.

It made me wonder if we couldn’t extend some of those definitions – for example, the previously mentioned one (kirameki) – that shining, gleaming glimmering aspect. It seems to be characteristic in all of the work – seems to be just about everywhere.


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2 Responses to “it’s probably everywhere”

  1. Says:

    Pinterest power, thanks for sharing. I’m so in loved with your shibori and indigo!

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