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I considered squeezing in a few words at the week’s end last week, but time did not permit.  That’s one way of putting it.  It was fortunate that the first week of our (Janine’s & mine) workshop came the eve of a major family event in Tampa – the enjoyment of class fed right into the rest of the week.

  Results of this first week were pretty fabulous I thought and an understatement.  The  participants worked only with itajime (board clamping), folding, clamping and dipping.  Each piece was amazing and something new.  Students/participants, though,  are also in the same category – so perhaps not so surprising, but still…and so inspiring!


Then those weekend events… which took me back to Tampa, one of our family homes – grandmother’s (grandfather’s & great-grandmother’s) and so, was one of our “bases” when we came back to the “states” –  and many other connections.  This time it was another fabulous family wedding – another niece (I have quite a few) – a new nephew.

All of my siblings and many of their children attended, so it was a memorable and significant event.  Mother shared family pictures I hadn’t seen before, my brother shared his nature photos (I’m inspired by them), we told stories that probably resolved a few “mysteries” and so much more.  I’m glossing over it, but needless to say, I’m glad I was there.


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