simply, a day at a time

autumn drizzleThe grey skies, chill and drizzle have altered things a bit this week.

Work for a customer has had to pause.  I didn’t really expect the rain or chill to last as long as it has.Midori-1  For this area, it’s usually warm and sunny until Halloween.  It’s just not typical, but the rain is welcome.

I’ve still managed to work ‘between the raindrops’ at different times to put a few pieces (more samples) on the line.  I couldn’t really stay away from the vat – I’ve got questions and it’s the only way to test theory!   So, a few pieces made it to the line this morning, briefly.

This particular sample is about pleating and binding.  It’s that simple, but the binding was a challenge.  It’s a one of the techniques we’ll be considering in the workshop later in the month.  That’s the plan.


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2 Responses to “simply, a day at a time”

  1. neki rivera Says:

    agree. that binding is a challenger, but if well done( and with luck)the outcome is gorgeous.

  2. Susan Says:

    Yes, I am humbled by those artisans in Japan (who do this work!) – their ingenuity and patience – not to mention skill. They’re an inspiration.

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