the beat goes on….


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Yes it does. You can call it practice, study, research…whatever. The fingers and brain seem to need that constant repeated movement to hone the skill. In my case, it might also help to “feed” those memory banks.

Of course, as I mentioned previously I’m also making samples, but it’s also testing some theory.


So, the week has been a good one except for a tiny unexpected visit from an old ailment affecting my knees.  I’d almost forgotten about it. Fortunately, I could work around it and it calmed over the week.

The photo on the left is again (I’ve done similar earlier) comparing two methods for achieving a similar pattern.  I still favor the one on the right.  It’s a challenge and my brain fights doing it.  This time, though, I may have made a small breakthrough.  I’ll need to repeat it a few more times though, just for affirmation.

The weather has been surprisingly autumnal (atypical for this area, it’s usually more summer like) with a suggestion of coolness in the air – great days for dyeing.


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2 Responses to “the beat goes on….”

  1. neki rivera Says:

    you do full size sampling and they are all awesome.see lots of origami -shi going on 🙂

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