day by day progress


Back in the spring, I noted in my journal that was the time I had in mind for beginning this project.  I knew I needed to begin early knowing  I would distract myself with other explorations and also teaching.  So, it would have made sense to have done just that.  Of course, I didnt.

I finally started in the summer, drew up the imagery and began stitching.  Then, for some reason, I changed my mind, pulled it all out and started over.

Now, the imagery references something more traditional as it comes from a vintage pattern. I completed the stitching on 4 pieces yesterday, finished binding them today and started the dye process.  Theyre linen placemats 4 matching (sort of) napkins to go.  I think the napkins will not be as complicated.

Apart from this, Im thinking ahead to October (the workshops at Pullen) sample pieces.  I have some examples, but Ive got a few questions about certain patterns.  Then again, then are some new approaches Id like to try.  So, while the weathers warm, its a good time for practice.  The ambiance is still good (outdoors + cicada song + indigo).


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