working with reds

working with reds

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This is almost a week’s worth of activity plus a little more. It has gone more slowly than I’d hoped or expected, but it’s due to the rain (again).

I’m working with reds and over dyeing with indigo. It’s a color combination I love working with. I’ve been working this way (with these colors) for years. My early paintings have the same. It’s probably one of those “culture” manifestations. So, it’s “in the blood.”

Indigo and white is deeply authentic, but adding the reds, persimmon,….something along that line, is something I also have to bring in from time to time.

These are a customer request, so I may not be finished yet. One thing I do come back to repeatedly is simply the fact that no matter the commonalities, similarities in materials used, the results are always different. It’s serendipity when it comes to the dye experience – part of the magic.


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4 Responses to “working with reds”

  1. shiborigirl Says:

    love the color on the far right. i am drying pomegranate rinds for use with the indigo hoping for some interesting greens. the poms are ready here.

  2. Susan Says:

    ah! and that one came out of a different batch, much earlier. I’ll look forward to seeing the results with your pomegranates!

  3. neki rivera Says:

    so bold those shibories!

  4. Susan Says:

    enjoyed working this way.

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