the space between

Aug. ProjectsI can never “dive back” (into the work) after teaching.  It takes a few days or maybe as long as a week to re-orient to my previous mindset and pieces in progress before that event.  Surely that is a good thing, as it forces me to pause, refresh and reconsider  those projects I’ve had on my mind all summer (including my October workshops!).

I suppose it forms a cushion or space between.  It brings to mind the needed spaces in music, when playing a phrase – those pauses – a quick breath – or even between the notes.

So, to ease back into ‘that’ work again, I returned to some older pieces that I felt wanted more and spent some time with them (a little more over dyeing).  I think I’ve finally pushed them as far as I want and would easily let them go now.

There are a few things yet I’d like to explore before summer’s end, weather permitting.  Kakishibu is one and from what I understand, if not sun, then at least a little drier atmosphere is needed. That’s been one of the  challenges this summer – just dealing with the rain and lingering dampness. 


 I keep in mind that the season doesn’t conclude until later in September.  Even so, October can also have its delicious warm spells. 



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6 Responses to “the space between”

  1. neki rivera Says:

    teaching can be draining so it’s wise that you’re nurturing yourself.
    those red pieces are stunning.

  2. leilani bennett Says:

    Is there a chance that the exquisite piece on the far left will be for sale?

  3. leilani bennett Says:

    So, when and how much? And, have used the list smidgen of the blue and rust furoshiki I bought a while back. Keep checking your site for another one in linen but no luck. Well. . . a girl can hope.

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