week ending

Freeform-1To put a positive spin on this last week, I can at least say that the kids I worked with were ultimately an inspiration. That was the serendipity that happened on the last day. That’s the great thing about teaching – the things learned from them.

I was also impressed with some of their industry and consistency throughout. So, if one reads between the lines here, the reader can surmise that the week had its challenges. I don’t know if that was due me, the weather or was it really as different as I was feeling it was? I think it was a mix of many things.

However all of that was, the results in the end were good and I felt like the appropriate goals were met. I look for engagement, enjoyment and hope the students will be pleased with their pieces. All of that happened. If there’s more, even better.

Another added element to this success story (and it wouldn’t be if not for…) is the assistant who worked very actively with the students. I am sure that things would not have gone nearly as well without her tireless energy and efforts. I am very appreciative of all of her hard work.


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6 Responses to “week ending”

  1. shiborigirl Says:

    ha- indigo, often unpredictable!

  2. neki rivera Says:

    all’s well that ends well. those kids really put out great work!

  3. Rita Summers Says:

    Beautiful results! =D

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