all on a summer’s day….

9436 It’s silly what comes to mind sometimes when working with a particular color or maybe pattern.  What kept playing was that old nursery rhyme “The Queen of Hearts, she made some tarts, all on a summer’s day….”   I really do think it was the color, but it was also a summer’s day.

This by the way is the conclusion to (this first) experiment with Cochineal on cotton.  Needless to say, yes, I really do like the results, one never knows what’s going to happen in the vat (or pot, in this case).  It’s a mystery.

I found it a slow prep process, but maybe that’s a good thing.  It gave me time to consider what I wanted to do with the pieces that I “cooked” up, yet,  I can’t say I put a lot of planning into the final outcome.  It was an experiment after all – to see how the dye worked on that particular fiber.

What doesn’t show well in any of my photos is the yellow or light brown in the white areas due to the tannin bath.  I didn’t consider what might happen there.  I could have taken other approaches and didn’t.  I’m fine with it but do want to try them.

At any rate, it’s a new week and I’ll be changing directions to pull things together for my upcoming classes at Artspace.  I don’t know that I’ll spend much time with the vat (indigo), but one never knows.

Cobbler1  In the meantime, finally, another summer “accomplishment” – a peach cobbler – fresh peaches from the NC Farmer’s Market.  Handcrafted, folks.  いただきます!


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2 Responses to “all on a summer’s day….”

  1. neki rivera Says:

    pretty! i wonder how that would work with indigo overdye?
    おいしい もも ケイキ!

    • Susan Says:

      thank you! I suspect (regarding the indigo) that it would work quite well!

      その ケーキは とても おいしかった!  よかった!

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